About the project

What would life be without socks?! We wouldn’t even want to imagine such a sad, colorless world. That is why Viska helped the company called Sockbox to be known throughout the world and make people happy with the help of, well you guessed it,… socks! 

Get ready to unbox your collection of socks

You never have enough socks especially now when they have all those trendy, cute designs that can go well with most of the clothing pieces from your wardrobe. They can be worn in all seasons and beyond being practical and comfortable, they are also extremely stylish, adding a fresh vibe to your look. 

The Sockbox platform works extremely easy, just like you are receiving your monthly bills or paychecks, now you can also receive your monthly pair/s of socks and get the party started! The company came to life in June 2018 and was well received with hundreds of customers already in its second month. The platform is user-friendly, being easy to use by everyone and working at full capacity on all smart devices. 

We helped with branding, marketing and of course the website, which interestingly enough is getting nearly a 6% conversion rate. Our aim is your growth and development because if you are happy, we are happy too. 

Unleash the sock frenzy

We are all passionate about something and if having as many socks as possible is your passion, then you are free to unleash that frenzy. Make every pair of socks count and allow them to paint your every day!