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Steinberg is a quality watch brand that was founded in 2021. All product and digital development is done by the team at VISKA. The brand is designed by the talented designer Róbert Einar.s The result was an exceptionally beautiful watch, a stylish brand and a powerful sales website.

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Steinberg is a "headless" online store that increases the flexibility and speed of the web. It was decided to use the headless Woocommerce solution by VISKA. The website and the payment process were designed from the ground up, which led to increased conversions on the web.

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Product page

The sale of Steinberg watches is exclusively digital, so it was important from the beginning to have the product pages graphical. The features of the watch are highlighted with a specially designed icon set for each feature. Videos showing the product in 3D appear below it. Emphasis is placed on having the 'Add to Cart' key visible at all times, especially on mobile phones.

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The product in three dimensions

Users can view the watch in virtual reality (AR) and 3D. This way you can measure the watch with different arms and see the actual size of the watch. 3D models were specially designed with virtual reality in mind. Other product images and videos were also processed in 3D.

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,,Mobile-first’’ design

The website is designed with mobile phones in mind. The traffic on the web is mostly from social media and therefore the vast majority of users who view the web are on their smart phones.



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