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Our friends at Papas in Grindavík wanted to move their website with simpler maintenance, a new look and a better ordering process. The old web was really outdated. The website used the content management system Wordpress which proved to be difficult to maintain. In collaboration with Papas staff, it was decided to use specialized software from VISKA to handle orders, payments and deliveries. Users log in with an SMS code and can thus see an overview of their orders and monitor the situation at any time.

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During the design process, emphasis was placed on a simple and easy ordering process. There were many flaws on the old website. Many offers were not available that could otherwise have been sold online.

3 different interfaces were designed, one for offers, pizza and then a general overview for simpler products. SMS login saves previous orders and sends the user notifications when the pizza is ready.

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What toppings do you want?

On the web, you can easily edit and split a pizza. The product image on the right changes depending on which pizza you choose, and also shows if it is divided into halves.

The ordering system

The website uses the software Upsell developed by VISKA. The software makes all maintenance simple, for example creating new products, adding offers, payment gateways, etc.



Simple on all devices

The website is of course designed with an emphasis on smart devices, as most of the traffic is through smartphones. The mobile-first approach was used in web design.



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Client review

The staff at VISKA was quick to respond to our queries and ideas. We are very pleased with the result and especially the improved service it provides to the customers.
Þormar Ómarsson