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We love intranets, and especially the ones we make. Here was no exception, but the Icelandic Transport Authority contacted us to update their employees' internal website. The old website was out of date, slow and difficult to maintain. VISKA provided consulting, design, web development and web management.


First steps

In the beginning, we received a brilliant document from the Icelandic Transport Authority. They had set up a questionnaire to check the staff's wishes regarding the new intranet. In this document you could clearly see which subpages were the most popular, which ones had little or no use, and in addition good ideas for refining the current website. We looked at this document day and night and used it as a guideline for the new website.

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Endurmörkun og endurhönnun

The Icelandic Transport Authority had recently undergone a rebranding. It was therefore an ideal opportunity to play with this new and exciting design material. The main color, the dark blue, was used for the background of a menu that accompanies the user wherever he goes. Red and green were then used as accent colors.

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Internal and external connections

In the CMS the content manager can easily change and add content, subpages and layouts. Schedule for the month is entered through a calendar interface and undated events into the list. The food menu is inserted once a week with a limited access for the chef, but user permissions and control was an important factor when it came to maintaining the website. The staff page has an interactive search with a connection to Active directory at the Icelandic Transport Authority.

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Hvað er í matinn? What's for dinner?

Þessi fjögur orð heyra margir eflaust allt of oft. Með nýja vefnum er þessi setning nær aldrei sögð í húsakynnum Samgöngustofu enda getur hver sem er rifið upp símann og skoðað matseðilinn á örskotsstundu, auk þess að glugga í ökutækjahandbókina af og til.

No doubt many people hear these four words far too often. With the new website, this sentence is almost never said in the premises of the Icelandic Transport Authority, as anyone can pick up their phone and look at the menu in the blink of an eye, along with viewing the vehicle directory from time to time.



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What the client says

VISKA designed and developed a new internal website for us. Great communication along with quick turnaround resulted in a product that exceeded our expectations.
Sigfús Þór Sigmundsson
Webmaster at Iceland's Transportation Authority