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University Day is a collaborative project of all seven universities in Iceland. The day is designed to introduce all university studies to prospective university students and assist them in choosing their study program and school. In view of the meeting restrictions due to Covid-19, it was held digitally for the first time in 2021. In order to increase access and services for prospective students, it was decided to publish an overview of all studies at the university level on the new University Day website. There is also a powerful study search engine where you can search for study names or related keywords. The website is the first of its kind in the country and has greatly increased the universities' digital services to the public.

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The website is simple and user-friendly. On the front page is a powerful search engine that shows all the study programs of the universities. Each school has its own subpage to promote its institution.

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Not sure what to choose?

This year we worked in collaboration with the universities on an addition that helps students find the study path that suits them. The user chooses their field of interest and gets results based on them.

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Available on all devices

The website is specially designed for smart phones and tablets.



  • Firebase


  • Next

    React framework

  • Vercel


  • Algolia


  • Lottie


  • Sass

    CSS Pre-processor

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Client review

VISKA undertook to develop and design a website for digital University Day with a hugely powerful search engine that directs traffic to the different websites of all universities in Iceland. We were very pleased with the collaboration. The company worked very professionally and showed great flexibility as well as initiative in the implementation and met all the schedules which was extremely important.
Jón Örn Guðbjartsson
Communications director at the University of Iceland