VISKA is an Icelandic web design and development agency founded in early 2016. In our short time in business, we’ve made a strong connection with over 50 clients located around the world.

We’ve worked with world-class web analytics and digital marketing agencies in our journey to make the web a better place. We do what we love and strive to better our products & services one day at a time.




How it’s done

and done correctly

1. Project planning

Knowing your business better means creating a top-notch web plan for it. So let’s talk and make it happen. Well-established plans make the difference. The details are all that matter here. They say planning is essential for a business to succeed. If you want to start with the right foot, it’s important to eliminate the negative points and focus on the positive aspects of your business. This is where we sort things out. This is where we upgrade the positive aspects and get rid of the negative ones. This is where your masterpiece starts. 

2. Wireframes

Let’s sketch it! Here’s where you will see the plan being shaped. You will get an insight into how the project will turn out. We call it a tango because this is our way to dance around the project. With the ideas in our mind and the mouse in our hands, we go from a dream straight to reality. We plant the seed of the project and then we watch how it turns into a masterpiece. 

3. Design

Once a super-hero, always a super-hero. Have you seen how superheroes never change their look? It must be a thing of theirs. Your business is your super-hero, so make sure you will find the best design for it. 

Your business is like a kid who thinks he is a super-hero. Your goal is to make that kid’s dreams come true. 

Partnering with us will assure your success. We create timeless designs.

The design road may be the nicest one because here, the colors, the animation, and all your other ideas will play together in order to start the branding of your business. 

4. Development

When we started this we made a commitment to become excellent, now we are making a commitment to you that your business will become awesome by simply letting us develop it.

The ideas are coming to life. The results of our brainstorming and the fun work will become visual at this moment. 

There’s nothing better than a happy customer, so if your happiness level isn’t higher than the sky, we’ll keep on developing because grin by grin we’ll get to that perfect happy smile.

5. Delivery

Upon finishing the development phase we’ll hand the web over to you. You’ll be able to edit all the necessary information in a user-friendly builder called VISKA builder. Front-end user interface with an easy drag and drop function.

If we go back to the flower analogy, this means that we’re handing you the full-grown flower, but the question is, do you have the right environment or is that flower best kept under our supervision. The flower still needs to be watered, laid in good soil and get the necessary sunlight it needs. It’s similar with the web. It needs to be updated and kept in check, otherwise, we might have to do this whole process again in a couple of years, and I think we all agree that we’d rather like to take good care of the work already done so it can live on and not become a forgotten legacy.

What we do

Our passion is creating digital solutions. Our goal is to create simple, scalable products in every case. We achieve this by solving problems with clarity, simplicity & out of the box thinking.

We help our clients realize ideas from the first sketch, to launch day and beyond. It’s in this process where we create innovative products for the web.

Interested in starting a project?