Have you ever met

an Icelandic web design agency

VISKA is an Icelandic web design and development agency founded in early 2016. In our short time in business, we’ve made a strong connection with over 50 clients located around the world.

We’ve worked with world-class web analytics and digital marketing agencies in our journey to make the web a better place. We do what we love and strive to better our products & services one day at a time.

The story behind it

and where we are now

We thought you might want to know who you’re working with. In short, VISKA is a dedicated web agency that specializes in WordPress development. Our developers and designers have years of experience making the web a more beautiful place and have been doing pretty good so far!

Although short, and certainly sweet, our little company has grown from being a mere solopreneur venture with the corner store as it’s biggest client to servicing Iceland’s biggest companies (and cities). Recently we’ve been working with the city of Reykjavik, the Icelandic National Directory, The Icelandic Waste Management Company (Íslenska Gámafélagið) and many more.

We look forward to new and exciting projects along with long-standing relationships with our clients.

What we do

and how we do it

User experience and good design is key to making great websites. Of course, many other things are, such as speed, optimization, user-friendly editor and 100% uptime. On the contrary, those things are pretty standard and should be the minimum requirement. Design and UI/UX (user interface/experience) are quite different. They depend on people understanding the client’s needs and interests. What is the goal with the web – Do we want to sell more, are we looking for more contact requests or simply more people engaging with the blog section. These are all important questions and the right answers will make sure that our work makes your business thrive.

What we do

Our passion is creating digital solutions. Our goal is to create simple, scalable products in every case. We achieve this by solving problems with clarity, simplicity & out of the box thinking.

We help our clients realize ideas from the first sketch, to launch day and beyond. It’s in this process where we create innovative products for the web.

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